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Recover & Immune System

Recover Formula

Recover Formula is designed to help ease headaches and upset stomach as a result of illness from flu or from overdoing it on a big night out.  Daily use may help reduce any overall muscle or digestive discomfort.

Organic Medicinal Plant Extracts Include:

  • CBD (commonly used for reducing anxiety, improve circulation and enhancing the body’s ability to heal)
  • Turmeric (commonly used for easing headaches and digestive issues)
  • Meadowsweet (commonly used to decrease inflammation and swelling)
  • Ginger Root (commonly used to help circulation and remedy cramps)
  • Peppermint (commonly used to soothe stomach)
  • Chamomile (promotes relaxation and rest)



    Recover Formula

    Recover Formula



    Much relief 

    "Bought this for my high energy grandson age 23. Hes a skateboarder, Parr kor nut, ski crazed, drift car wide open young man. Plus his fulltime job as an hvac technician. He was getting sluggish so I though this might help after Sir Drifto recommended it. IT WORKS!!! He says his focus is so much better and hes sleeping better and waking up feeling rested. He LOVES the results! Gotta have!!" ~Deborah M.

    "Great product. I am usually skeptical with many products. This one though helped me concentrate on a number of tasks with zero side-effects. This will be my go-to when I need to focus on things. Thank you!" ~Steven C.
    Best Product Ever
    "Best product, best service and best results. I recommended this product for mental stability and physical healthiness to my friends and they are getting better and better everyday." ~William